Explain the site of Neobux

If you want to actually win from the Internet and enter this area actually search for honest sites before everything so as to waste your time unnecessarily so I will explain the site Neobux, which is the first site in the world in the field of profit from viewing ads …
First features of Neobux

  • Pay as you go when you want to withdraw profits without waiting for weeks like other profit sites
  • The minimum draw is $ 2 and this is very cool
  • Supports the following electronic banks “Paypal Alertpay Payza” – Lease assignments and the price of one referral $ 0.005 If you want to buy more assignments there is a discount on the amount of assignments
  • will take 50 percent of the daily profits for direct referrals and not less of their profits

Second Registration on site

After you’ve entered the registration link on the site >>
We click Register

Then complete the data as in the following picture:

You will receive a message on the email you registered with
Then click on the activation link
Then enter the site as in the following picture:

This website interface will explain with each element: –

Third, proof of payment to confirm the validity of the site:

IV Video explain the site in detail with a strategy of profit $ 10 per day

In the end I wish you all the best in this wonderful site and focus on the most important points through which you earn $ 50 a day: –

1 – Watch ads daily without interruption.
2 – Lease the Riveral and extend them 240 days to benefit from the discount.
3 – Play a game of luck through which you win money or points or membership Gold.
4- The Arab forum inside the site is very useful. I advise you if you have an inquiry you will find a selection of experts who will assist you in this.
5 – do the work of mini-Job, through which to earn a lot of money
6 – Patience and patience and then patience Many members are tired and after registration cut off the site, but if you follow the previous steps will earn a lot and a lot of money.

To win Click Logo and You will Get $$$$


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