What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is an affiliate company of CoCoL. By subscribing to it, you can make a profit by placing ads on your site.
To understand the idea more deeply, we had to address the definition of Google Adwords (recently became Google Ads):
Google Ads: A Google subsidiary, through which each advertiser or advertising advertiser has access to visitors for any marketing purpose. Google Ads represents the other side of Google Adsense.

In fact, Google acts as an intermediary between the advertiser who wants to get visitors, and the publisher who wants to earn a profit by including these ads on their own site.
This is, of course, a highly intelligent targeting system, so that ads on your site appear compatible or relevant to your content on this site.
The company that regulates the purchase of visitors from Google called Google Ads.
The company that regulates the process of placing these ads on sites shared in this system, is called Google Adsense google adsense. These are the ones you will deal with as a publisher.
In fact, the Google system to share advertising ads Google Adsense and Google Adwords, not limited to that only. But here I am addressing the subject from the angles that serve our topic of profit from Google Adsense, by owning a website.

Here are some important points about the profit from Google Adsense
To be a Google Adsense publisher, you must have a website that has valuable and unique content.
First of all, to work with an entity the size of a Google subsidiary, you must understand the policies you follow to accept publishers and continue working with them. Remember, this is a pivotal point in the success of your acceptance and continuation as a publisher with Google Adsense.
Google Adsense will give you 68% of the profits you receive from advertisers.
To begin as a Google AdSense publisher, fill out a simple submission form and they will reply to you within a few days, either by acceptance or rejection, with the reasons for rejection in case of rejection.
When you receive a rejection message, work on the reasons for rejection and submit again. Also, if the latter is also rejected, improve your site and apply again.
Build a site that delivers real value to visitors in the first place, serving adsense ads in the second place and not vice versa.
Your success in Adsense depends primarily on continuing to extend your site with good and valuable content.
Working with Adsense is a continuous, not a phased work.
Earnings are calculated either based on clicks on the ads or based on the impression (ie visit the page where the advertisement and vision). So you will find in your account two types of profits. One based on clicks, and the other based on the impression.
What do I need to never profit from Adsense?
Good website idea.
You have to choose the idea of ​​a compatible website and your personal interests, in case you are writing your own content.
In case you use others, you should ensure that there is a constant source of content on your site. You should also choose a site idea that has a request from the public. In this you can use the Google tool to find the search rate on the keywords.
Buy a hosting and domain name for your site.
There are a lot of options at this stage, and fit every situation. If you do not have enough money to buy a domain name and domain name, you should initially be satisfied with the blogger blog. If you have a surplus to invest, you should buy paid hosting and choose a domain name for your site.
Start building the site physically.
This option depends on the previous option. If you choose Blogger, it is an integrated tool for creating an e-site.
If your choice is to create a website, you will be prompted to host a paid domain name. You should go back to the topic of how to create a website.
I will assume here that you have chosen WordPress, as a tool to create your site.
Create good, useful, exclusive content for your site.
Here to talk about the contents of the Csd box, so that the profit factors of Adsense will be completed. But we’re talking about content that really provides value to your visitors. Exclusive content that does not violate Google’s policies and is continually renewed.
Fill in the application form at Google AdSense
We will explain it in detail shortly.
Start placing AdSense codes in the right places on your site to start earning money.
We will address this point shortly.
These are the steps you need to follow, to actually start earning profits from Google Adsense. At each of the previous points there is a lot of details, work and effort.
You will find in the winners and other Arab sites, many articles and videos that help at each point from the above. You just have to start and you will find everything simpler and easier.


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