What Site specifications accepted in Google Adsense ?

A site with exclusive, valuable content that complies with Google Adsense policies
You have to provide something that really benefits your visitors, this way you will get visitors to your site on the one hand, on the other hand this is ranked by Google as a priority in quality measurement in all the advanced services, including Google Adsense of course.
You also need to create content that complies with Google Adsense policies. There are some types of content that are prohibited from participating in Google Adsense.
In terms of quantity, many wonder how many articles required to apply for Google Adsense.
This question does not have a definitive answer, but it is best to have a large number of articles, say at least 30.
But remember that this element works with the rest of the elements and can not be relied upon independently.

The site is well designed and easy for the visitor
The visitor’s experience should be good in dealing with your site, until it is accepted in Adsense. This includes good design, simple and compatible with all devices. Also, the pages of your site must be linked together to make it easier for the visitor to navigate between the pages of the site.
Since we are talking about the Webpress site here, you only need to follow the criteria of choosing a WordPress professional template.

The site contains administrative pages serving the visitor
Your site should contain the administrative pages that the visitor needs, which represent the official interface or image of your site.
This is a list of administrative pages that should be present on your site:

Contact us page
Which serve the user directly when he wants to contact the site management.
Terms & Conditions page
Which tells the visitor what to follow when using your site
Privacy Policy page
Which tells the visitor how the site deals with its data. It should be noted here that you should mention in this document that you work as a publisher with Google Adsense, and your site contains ads that follow Google.
A page about the site
Which contains the story of the creation of the site and its objectives that seek to achieve, through the content provided.

If you feel a little confused about these pages do not worry, the page contact us you can get them by adding a simple WordPress such as Contact Form 7.
As for a page on the site you do not have to write it, just answer the question “Why did you create this site?”, And the goals you want to achieve for your visitors.
The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page is a semi-static model, and most sites use it with some changes according to site conditions.

The site gets a good number of visitors
In order for Google to accept your site to participate in Adsense, this site must have a high number of visitors every day.
This of course depends on the quality of the content on the one hand, and your marketing plan to get visitors on the other hand.


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