General and diverse tips on working as a publisher with Google Adsense

General and diverse tips on working as a publisher with Google Adsense
Do not violate Google’s policies even if you find some sites do so without stumbling.
The risk here will be sacrificing your account and its balance.
The best add-on for my adsense ads placement is the addition of ad inserter.
Working as a partner with Google Adsense Just like any business related to marketing through the Internet, it depends on experience and experimentation. So do not stop when your level of profit is not appropriate and your level of effort. You should try and continue and develop your experience and information and your earnings will improve.
Invest in visitors to raise your profit rate.
Whenever I found a good channel to buy visitors, and I was able to achieve a profit margin (the difference between buying visitors and Adsense profits), I invested in this channel.
When you start your site for profit from Adsense.
Keep in mind that every decision you make will affect your profit level. So you have to think carefully about each decision, including:
Choose your site idea
Choosing a WordPress template that fits adsense ads.
The level and size of your investment in your location.
What is the profit rate of Google Adsense?
Your profit rate from Adsense depends on a lot of factors.

The domain that specializes in your site.
We’ve already mentioned that Google has a targeting system in place ads on your site, so that ads match your content. Of course, the price of the pressure varies from one ad to another.
For example, a site specializing in providing tips on Forex, the level of profit will differ from a news site. This is because the ads will vary in each location for the other.
Number of visitors to your site.
This is an obvious point, but we have to remind them of its importance here.
The content quality of your site.
Which results in an average time for a visitor to stay on the site, increasing the chance of more ads appearing in front of him.
Placements of ads.
This is an organizing process that depends on the design of the site, the nature of the visitors, and the nature of the content.
Number of ad units per page within the site.
There are some schools that say that often, the effectiveness of 3 ad units per page is better than the effectiveness of 5 ad units.
The geographic distribution of your visitors.
Clicking the Kuwaiti visitor on Adsense advertising, the price of which differs from the pressure of the Egyptian visitor on the same advertisement.
The nature of your visitors.
Whether they are males or females, average age, interest, and level of education. All of this is of course related to the domain you are talking about on your site.
Use the Allow & Block Ads feature.
This is a feature provided by Google Adsense for publishers, through which you can block certain ads from appearing on your site.
If you can block ads that pay less or are not appropriate for your visitors, and instead show ads that pay more or more to your site content, that will raise your profit level.
Here we have come to the end of our theme about profit from Google Adsense. I hope the topic is useful to you and helps you understand Google Adsense and how to profit from it well.
I am also pleased to contribute to the arrival of this subject to those who need.


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