linking Adsense account to your YouTube channel

Full explanation of linking Adsense account to your YouTube channel and profit from it

Sign up for YouTube Partner – YouTube Partner
Detailed explanation

I posted questions in the previous period about the method of registration in youtube partner and how I do ads Adsense and profit from them in my channel on YouTube
There are many ways to change the proxy and subscribe through the sites that offer you this service,
But today he explained how we can record in youtube partner in a very normal way without changing the proxy or any need, especially for people who appeared to them the property and explanation for the stars of Egyptian stars

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
We start

We go to the e-mail that we have registered in YouTube
In the messages received
Monetize your videos on YouTube!

Either open the message will be form Da
Dear ………,
We noticed that one of your videos is becoming popular on YouTube. We love seeing our creators be successful, and we’d like to invite you to monetize your video.

First, opt your account into monetization from your Account Settings, and then opt your eligible videos into monetization by visiting your Video Manager.

Have fun and good luck,

The YouTube Team

Press me
Account Settings
The link is Hikun

We choose from settings
Check income
We choose to enable my account

Healem Ali the 3 items that are on the page and on OK

After I select the format of the ads I want to appear in the videos
Or in the same channel

After you click on monetization


After the opening of the first lane was opened
Li Hua
I chose to monetize
How do I receive my payments?

We have two choices
Link Adsense account to YouTube channel
Create a new Adsense account (same as the usual data required from Adsense)

Disclaimer Do not place videos that are not your own or do not have permission to publish them
Or contrary to the law of God like songs – movies ….
So your account is not closed by YouTube Partner

If you register or use a new Adsense account, you will receive the required data as usual

In both cases after completion
Hegelk message

Examples of ads that appear
Advertising Investor

Investor Announcement: A short video on your first video
The visitor can skip the ad after 5 or 10 seconds by clicking on the ad

The other type is adsense ads within the video
The usual Adsense units of different sizes are shown by the size of the screen on which the video is working

And to track your profits from YouTube Partner
Click on my channel
Hegelick is a page in detail about your entire channel and in it too
Total estimated earnings from YouTube Partner and others

It also appears in your adsense account
Under AdSense for content
You’ll see an AdSense for content host
The details of the ads in your channel are linked to AdSense account


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