The Trust Wallet portfolio of the Penance

platform has become a support for the developer and developer Cash and Light Quinn

The Trust Wallet portfolio of the Binanes platform has added support for three major currencies including: Betkin and the new Cash and Light Quinn.

Waiting time is over! Benchmark and Trust Wallet maintained their promise to support key currencies in their ERC-20 portfolio.

Through its official Twitter account, Trust Wallet has just announced its support for BTC, BCH and LTC on their portfolio.

The addition has already been announced a few months ago since they added support to Tron’s currency, Chepicap previously reported.

While it took some time for the team to fulfill its promise, the result was not at all disappointing. Quoting what the team said in the announcement:

“To compensate for the long wait, our engineers added a special surprise to make the wallet more exciting”

The Portfolio Developers Group has made the BitQueen and LightQueen portfolio compatible with the SegWit system, which allows users to send or receive from any BC1 and ltc1 bech32 addresses.

With support for more than 10 local blocin networks, including their original currencies, Trust Wallet has claimed that it is more than just the Ether20 Etherium portfolio and the first ERC20 portfolio. It is also the only portable portfolio that supports decentralized etherium applications, POA and Etherium Classic.


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