Why should investors focus on the currency?

 The news that has spread like wildfire has spawned news of the leaking of the famous social networking site, Facebook, its user data and selling it for millions of dollars. Therefore, it has become difficult to give much confidence to most technology companies. And out of the premise that digital ads need to change radically, came the idea of ​​the initial currency DATA.

Digital Data Currency (DTA) relies on the decentralized power and trust of its dealers in most major enterprises. It is a protocol for digital data authentication that relies on information management technology. Much of the infrastructure of this protocol is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and peer-to-peer (P2P) systems.

A P2P system can be defined as computer systems connected to each other over the Internet. It enables users to share files directly between systems on the network without having to refer to a central server. In other words, each P2P computer becomes a server as well as a client.

The mechanism of working a currency
You use a DATA currency to make ads. It is through which advertisers pay for the platform, and then payments are distributed between the protocol and the users. Compared to the best available techniques, DATA has many additional benefits, such as owning a standalone proxy and the ability to use it online and giving it decentralized rewards to its users.

In the latest currency news, their issuers issued their mainnet.

What is the Mainnet?
Before you go to Mainnet, you need to know the testnet. Developers have set up the testnet to enable them to perform specific tests before the main launch. To be more precise, for example, when developers try to make some changes to the protocol – such as the SegWit process – they must ensure that the concept has been fully tested first and foremost. This can be done easily on the testnet, because it is an alternative version of the basic protein synthesis. Thus, this experimental network can be called an initial model that is not available for public use.

Simply, Testnet is a proxy that already transfers the digital currency from the sender to the recipient and is essentially a test network.

Mainnet is the final and actual product after the tests on the initial model (Testnet) have been completed and are available for public use.

An example is the launch of the Mainnet network of the Golem currency
The Mainnet Brass Golem code was issued on Github on 10 April 2018. It aims to provide a peer-to-peer system to share computing power. Essentially, users who need more computing power push users on the network with additional computing power. Looking at data from 31 March to 29 April, the currency price rose from about $ 0.20 to $ 0.60. Including a strong appreciation of the currency to $ 0.73 on April 13.

Why should investors focus on the currency?

This may indicate a direct correlation between the Mainnet’s release and appreciation of the currency. But it is also important to look at this situation in the context of the market. It is possible to estimate that the value of the currency (GNT) has increased at a more significant rate because of the main network, especially on 13 April, but it is still difficult to confirm specifically. Especially as the vast majority of digital currencies have risen in value in the bull market in April.

And refer to the currency of the data
The mainnet network is important because it demonstrates the project’s ability to evolve from an idea to put it into action. Although the initial release of the network does not provide the full idea, it is a fundamental technical aspect that should be taken into account when investing in a digital currency. As we have seen in the past, it is difficult to quantify the impact of the Mainnet issue on short-term currency prices. However, their release indicates that overall performance can be improved over the medium term.

Perform a currency and arrange it between other currencies
The currency is ranked 281 by market value. Given its performance last month, the price swings between 23 and 30 Satoshi.

Why should investors focus on the currency?

It is not strange not to see little impact on its price. The conversion to the Mainnet is still under way, so there may be greater market reaction once the process is completed.

Is buying a currency risky?
Many may avoid buying amidst this type of bearish trend, but they are chances of buying, assuming the currency remains at these levels. But little time remains for the currency to recover to its previous levels around 50 or 55 Satoshi.


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