Ledger adds Bluetooth to the new wallet Nano portfolio to become mobile compatible

 Ledger, one of the giants in the manufacture of digital coin purses, has announced its latest project, the Nano-X, a device that supports Bluetooth technology. The announcement came Sunday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Ledger’s announcement indicates that nano-X can be run on mobile devices, which is a very required update of the current portfolio. Gone are the days when laptops or desktops were mostly used, where the majority of people use the mobile in the first place. Therefore, the ability to use the nano-X portfolio without a computer is a huge leap forward for the company.

The new Nokia NX portfolio with Bluetooth technology will also be safe with Ledger but will take mobile features. Of course, there was a need to connect an external application to the computer with Ledger devices to write and send transactions. Ledger has achieved a user base of nano-s devices up to 1.3 million.

The nano-s is the latest digital coin portfolio exported before nano-xx. The CEO also did not disclose the price of nano-x, but he firmly believes that the price of nano-s will decrease with the launch of the new nano-x.

The recently launched nano-X features a larger screen than the Nano S. Providing a better user insight. It also provides more memory space. Similarly, nano-X is regarded as the most advanced device. Ledger also said that the Ledger Live mobile application will be available on Google and iTunes on January 16.

The announcement of the new nano-X device, at a time when everyone expects to expand – in 2019 – and the collective adoption of digital assets is evolving. After the very bearish 2018 for the digital currencies, the next wave of bullishness is expected. Ledger’s sales saw a significant improvement in 2017 when another major rally of digital currencies occurred.


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