Lite Coin is up 11% and closer to Stellar in terms of market value Currencies

 While all investors are preoccupied with price action and the major digital currency is approaching $ 4,000. The Lillian Coin has quietly achieved the largest price gain among all the top ten digital currencies.

The coin of Llate Quinn comes out of the control of Bettkin
The Lite Queen, which is currently in seventh place by market value, rose 11% against the US dollar in the last 24 hours. It has thus started the new 2019 hikes. While the year of 2018 was unstable in the Liete Quinn currency, which lost nearly 90% of its value, the 7th digit currency now shows strong rebound signals in the first week of 2019.

Lillian Coin is up 11% and closer to Stellar in terms of market value

The currency managed to reach $ 36.14 before retreating to $ 34.76 and then rising to $ 35.37 (at time of writing). Although the lite-quinn rally coincided with a positive day, as the first digital currency was close to breaking the $ 4,000 barrier, the Liete Quinn rose due to news that the OKEx platform expanded its support for the permanent trading of the Llate Coin, Atherom and Ripple.

Even with investor enthusiasm for the OKEx announcement, the White Queen has been able to deal with a long history of trading as a silver compared to Golden Boot. While the two currencies have shrunk during the long-term trading cycle of 2018, with Late Queen’s loss of record losses, since each of them has been high, Littie Coin continues to benefit from its correlation with Bettkin.

Activities of the Lait Queen Foundation
In addition, Late Queen was one of the most active digital organizations, leading a recent promotion with the UFC to show its logo in the ring for pay-per-view. The campaign has been a resounding success, with a view that more than 2 million people hail the return of the famous fighter John Jones, and the Late Queen and the LTC logo became the official partner of the sporting event.

The legacy of the non-traditional Lait Queen Foundation has been a welcome sign after a number of poor development projects countered the growth of LTC in 2018, including the completion of the high-profile Litepay project. With the sharp rise in the price of the day, the price of the Lait Quinn is approaching an important milestone for the currency in overcoming the sixth Stellar currency in the order.

Charlie Lee, founder of Lait Queen, also contributed to the positive development that took place today by re-posting that the LTC Lightning Network exceeded 100 active nodes.

Lee, who has been criticized for selling all his LTC currencies at the highest price in December 2017, has made efforts to help the currency recover. The currency’s founder explained at the time of sale that he intended to improve the decentralization of the Lite Queen and turn the lights away from him as a vocal supporter of the currency. Investors at the time also cautioned me that the market would continue indefinitely as the market value of the digital currency market approached $ 1 trillion. I was asked by urban investors to enter a bearish market which could take several years to recover – and this is a prediction that proves to be true as we entered in 2019 with a startling start.


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