Fortnight’s famous online store accepts payment in Monroe currency (XMR)

 Famous Fortnite fans can now buy online video games using the digital currency monomer (XMR), but payment has not yet been accepted because of concerns about privacy issues.

While the game team did not make any official announcement about the matter, fans of the game conveyed the news that was welcomed by the social media.

Monroe fans are delighted with the news because it is a new adoption of the currency of privacy. Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world. It has about 200 million registered users.

Fortnight’s V-Bucks coins and digital currencies top the wish list on the store
Of course, Fortnite is a favorite of many Americans, so much so that some of them have said they would prefer to have their coins and the V-Bucks of the game on cash, gift cards or even fuel cards as holiday gifts.

Some Twitter users also wondered why Monroe was chosen, rather than the biggest digital currency. Ricardo Spagni, project director of Monroe, told CCN that Fortnight does not accept payment in the currency because of lack of privacy, but they think of the Lightening network because it is restoring some privacy to the developer.

Fortnight’s players are interested in lightening
Spagney also said the players were very interested in Lightning, and that his team was pressing hard to make them add to the list. Currently, the Monroe currency is only enabled with a number of options.

Privacy has become an important issue in the midst of rampant penetration and disturbing reports of user data abuse by social media companies such as Facebook.

As CCN said, Facebook faces a problem hiring the best talent in the new blockbuster division because of the many data privacy scandals that have undermined public confidence in the giant company.

Where many users were angry after learning that Facebook had sold their personal data for years – without their consent – to third parties for profit.

The US government wants to track the Monroe transactions
Digital currencies such as Monroe and Zdkasch are popular with many digital users, because they give privacy a high priority and conceal the user’s identity and the nature of their transactions to a very high degree.

In any case, all of this can change. In December of 2018, the US Department of Homeland Security announced that it had developed some frameworks to track Monroe and Zed Cash transactions through a biochemical analysis program.

The move is part of the US government’s intention to ensure that digital currencies are not used to facilitate money laundering, tax evasion or terrorist financing.

After all, the acceptance of digital currencies is increasing dramatically. Around 900 stores around the world accept cash as a form of payment.


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