The EOS currency is no longer the fifth largest digital currency anymore

The digital currency market today only adjusted the list of the top 5 digital currencies and ranked by market value. After the series of highs that Stellar’s currency brought together with the low price of EOS, the latter left the gold list, making the XLM the fifth digit by market value.

Top 5 digital currencies by market value
The EOS currency is no longer the fifth largest digital currency anymore

Stellar Price Chart (XLM)
The Stellar (XLM) currency has started its rally since October 31, from $ 0.22 to $ 0.28 on November 11, before losing to $ 0.265.

Stellar Price Chart (XLM)

Last week, the digital currency portfolio Blocchin announced an Airdrop of $ 125 million of XLM coins in a bid to boost digital adoption. Stellar, the organization behind the digital currency, expects the Airdrop to bring many new users to its ecosystem.

However, despite the potential positive impact on adoption, the news did not generate much of the positive response the company had hoped for, and society is still not convinced that this is the best way to foster adoption.

Insert the Coinbase platform for Stellar coin
Furthermore, one of the possible reasons for the recent price increase is the expectation that the Coinbase will incorporate Stellar. The platform announced in July 2018 that it was exploring the XLM project with some other currencies. Since then, Coinbase has already included 0x and BAT, so the market has estimated that there should not be too much time until Steeler can trade on the platform. However, as recent listings have shown, the price of the digital currency, after the initial jump, falls sharply after a few days.

Price chart EOS currency
Price chart EOS currency

On the other hand, EOS has recently received several criticisms of being centralized. On 9 November 2018, a user posted a photo on Redt showing that the EOS coordinator had reversed the transaction after confirmation. The case involved a dispute in which the offender allegedly obtained the user’s private keys and made trades using a number of EOS coins without permission from the owner. According to the publication, the broker has ruled that the currencies included in the dispute must be returned to the original owner, although the transaction has been confirmed.

Whitebloc, a Los Angeles-based company that tests Los Angeles-based solutions, recently announced that one of the largest digital currency projects, EOS, is not a block chain but a distributed homogeneous database management system.


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