BitTorrent (BTT) is up 55% and Tron is challenging the bearish market Currencies

The BTT currency has seen a 55% increase in value since it was listed. It is now listed on 7 major trading platforms such as Upbit and Kucoin, specifically Bainas, which handled more than 50% of BTT trading on the last day.

The currency saw a significant upward movement in the same period, with TRX registering a 13% growth before a significant drop. The volume of TRX trading seems to be rising again, with 95% money flow in just a few hours.

BitTorrent BitTorrent
Five days after the introduction of the BTN currency, the digital currency recorded nearly $ 130 million of trading. The BTT sale took nearly 15 minutes and saw slightly less than 60 billion currency purchases through BNB and TRX.

The currency of BitTorrent rose by 1,125% on Monday, from $ 20 million to $ 245 million. It also rose similarly, rising from $ 0.000485 to $ 0.000756 – an increase of 55%.

BitTorrent (BTT) is up 55% and Tron is challenging the bearish market

This is a quick turnaround, as just 4 days ago, currency prices dropped by 22% shortly after the start of trading. Things seemed fickle for a moment, and those who were skeptical and skeptical about the BTT concept appeared on all social media.

Tron’s chief executive and founder Justin Sun responded to such concerns during his recent interview with CNBC Africa, with Ran Neo Nir. Sun said the process of speeding up downloads from BitTorrent using BTT is completely optional. And that those who choose to use the service will see an increase in download speed compared to normal.

The price of the coin you see
Tron continued to defy market declines with a 13% increase on February 4 and rose to a high of $ 0.028 while most major digital currencies were glowing red.

BitTorrent (BTT) is up 55% and Tron is challenging the bearish market

The subsequent decline has led to a drop in the price of the TRX currencies to $ 0.027079, but this is still a 7% increase over the previous day’s price at 0.025199. TRX’s trading volume also rose again, moving from $ 160 million to $ 312 million.

Holders may be interested in the latest weekly update to the community, which covers continued rapid transaction increases, technical updates and a summary of recent awards and events. The founder of Tron Justin Sun recently launched the title “The Ethium Killer” again on Tron, in reference to Tron’s replacement of the company. Especially as news shows that applications that see decentralization dominate the overall decentralized applications market are superior to etherium.


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