French National Assembly launches report supporting digital currencies

The French National Assembly has issued a report setting out the current situation in support of digital currencies, which has been adopted by French regulators recently. The report says the assembly, the French House of Representatives, has plans to organize the blocin as a link between central banks and citizens.

The report mentions the possibility of issuing a general digital currency, which French citizens can use to open a bank account directly within the central banking system, and to abandon private banks.

French National Assembly launches report supporting digital currencies

While the report is certainly a proponent of the technology of pluche and digital currencies in general, it conflicts with a certain political path inherent in technology. Where France is encouraging the use of the digital currency to increase government control of the currency, as well as the introduction of new ways to finance public sector projects. This contrasts with anti-censorship and centralized trends in digital currency, especially since this is not essentially the essence of digital and essentially digital currencies.

The last mention of the digital currency sector was made by the National Assembly at the end of last year, when the regulator, at the request of, rejected a proposal to ease tax on digital currencies. This makes it even clearer. France’s vision of digital currencies and the Balkans is a highly organized technique used to collect data, offer new monetary policy options and an opportunity to impose a tax on digital commerce.


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