Justin Sun announces the Airdrop operation for $ 20 million and the Tesla car

The founder of Tron Justin Sun announced that he would launch a major distribution to celebrate some recent successes. On Twitter, he claimed he would carry out an airdrop operation for up to $ 20 million in cash, in addition to giving the Tesla a free car.

Justin Sun will not miss an opportunity to promote himself and his network, Sun says. This latest gift aims to celebrate the successful implementation of the newly launched BitTorrent (BTT) currency, as well as the launch of the established USDT on the Tron network.

Sun will give Tesla first, to a lucky winner will be randomly selected. Participating in the contest is to follow Justin Sun on Twitter and then re-twitter his ad, which is certainly a powerful way to get new followers and increase participation in publications.

The current stage of the awards will continue until March 27, when a decision is supposed to be made. For the AirDrop cash of $ 20 million, it is not clear how long the contest will last. Sun also said more gifts may be offered.

Observers on Twitter were mostly adherent to Sun’s latest announcement, probably trying to win his favor (and Tesla’s interest). Some took the opportunity to contribute to its long divergence with Vitalic Puerturen, the creator of etherium.


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