The Wincliffe brothers discuss issues of confidence and regulation of the digital currency market

Building confidence is key to restoring confidence among digital currency traders after the death of an executive for a prominent trading platform that prevented thousands of people from accessing their accounts, according to Tyler and Cameron Winklefuss.

The twins, who run the Gemini Trust, said investors were shocked that they were unable to access the content and other digital currency on the Quadriga CX platform following the death of the company’s chief executive in December. The CEO of Quadriga owned the electronic keys to access the cache, prompting 11,5000 users to scramble for ways to get about 260 million Canadian dollars ($ 194 million). Which are still stuck and can not be reached.

This is not the first time a trading platform has failed
The Quadriga failure follows what happened with platform MT. Gox in 2014, in addition to many breakthroughs on computers that led to losses on many exchanges. The value of petrochemicals has fallen to 78% since its rise in December 2017.

“There will be a lot of failed projects on the digital path we’ve seen and learned from,” said Cameron Winklefos at a Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas. In the end, it’s really a problem of confidence. The sector needs to be organized to promote positive results.

Improved control and compliance would also help restore the price of protein to previous levels, he said, adding that it might be possible for the value of protein to increase in the coming years.

They also hope to reach one billion people worldwide without banking options. With a digital address and a smartphone, we’ll find yourself in the system. We are really trying to expand the financial system, so you can send dollars anywhere in the world.

They said a larger base of customers would eventually be made up of machines, rather than humans. Cameron Winklefos said that these devices will need to deal with value, and they will probably talk through companies like ours.

The twins became known in 2010 because of their role in the film “Social Network”, which portrayed their clashes with Mark Zuckerberg on the creator of the idea of ​​Facebook. Since then, the 37-year-old brothers have started a self-organizing organization to help organize their digital currency platforms.

Taylor Winkelfuss said the sector needs a few layers of checks and balances. Digital currencies are there to stay.


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