Bitrefill now allows you to pay for Airbnb rentals with 5 digital currencies

The Bitrefill digital gift card provider added a service that allows users to pay for Airbnb rentals with five digital currencies.

The Swedish-based company announced the news via Twitter on Wednesday, saying customers can now pay for Airbnb gift cards in Betkin, Atherom, Light Quinn, dogecoin and Dash.

However, at present, Airbnb gift cards can only be redeemed by US residents using the US-based payment method, according to information on the Bitrefill website. In addition, Airbnb gift cards can only be applied for bookings of less than 28 nights, while customers can buy US $ 25, $ 50 and $ 100 cards.

Bitrefill, which also provides credit card operations for mobile phones in digital currencies, said Airbnb’s offer is a coupon card and it will provide users with a coupon code and instructions on how to use it.

Last week, the company also announced digital currency support for Netflix subscriptions with the same five digital currencies. It also provides cards for travel and gaming services, VOIP and so on, depending on the global location.

Bitrefill is one of the first participants in the experimental lighting network, which is still fairly successful. In January, Bitrefill was told that it aims to facilitate the payment of user configuration payments through the Thor service, which allows people to give lightning channels to someone else without setting up on the recipient’s side.

The company conducted the first real-world transaction test using the network in December 2017, saying it issued a mobile phone almost immediately and without charge.

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