The Swiss parliament passed a motion demanding the government regulate digital currencies

Switzerland, an undisputed leader in the financial and foreign sectors, appears to be taking steps to set rules in its own currency markets.

According to a press release dated 20 March 2019, the Swiss government bodies went towards digital organization. Switzerland’s legislative authorities called on the executive branch to “adapt the procedural provisions of the judicial and administrative authorities so that they can also be applied to digital currencies”, according to an automatic translation of the original, currently available only in German.

The proposal by Representative Giovanni Merlini of the Liberal Democrats (LDP), secondly, mentions the need to fill gaps and protect against abuse, a measure required because of the secrecy of digital currencies that may allow extortion and money laundering, according to the political views of one party With unknown funding around the world.

Other points are also mentioned in the movement’s press release: the need to examine whether the digital currency platforms should be subject to the same regulations as the financial intermediaries, in which case they will have to take legal action with the Swiss SEC, called Finma.

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