CoinMarketCap indicators open for digital currencies on NASDAQ, Bloomberg and Reuters

Today, two indicators of digital currency performance will be released from CoinMarketCap, through data data from NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Reuters and Stuttgart in Germany, as well as on its own platform.

CoinMarketCap announced the news on Wednesday, saying benchmark indexes will present the most comprehensive digital currency data, covering the top 200 digital currencies in terms of market value, one of which includes the component and the other without it.

The company said that the first index is called CMC200, which includes the content, covering more than 90% of the global digital currency market.

The second (CMC200EX) tracks the performance of the market without the effect of decomposition. Al-Betkin, the world’s largest currency, currently has a 50% dominance. These indicators will increase access to digital currency data and make it easier for everyone to understand.

CoinMarketCap has partnered with Germany-based Solactive, which will calculate and manage both indices, as well as its budget every three months, according to the announcement. Price data is provided by CoinMarketCap.

Solactic Sales Chief Fabian Colin said that CoinMarketCap data will also give his company an opportunity to develop customized indicators for customers, adding:

“We look forward to developing more digital currency indicators in the future, which will lead to optimism for investmentable indicators and could lead to more products”

Earlier this week, CoinMarketCap also added another index to its platform provided by Flipside. The index measures the basic currency points (FCAS) developed by Flipside by evaluating factors such as developer activity and a wide range of transaction data.

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